Labor / Employment Lawyers

Labor lawyers handle matters for both the employer and the employee. The Wrongful termination lawyer handles cases involving the wrongful dismissal from a job. They analyze the case to see there are grounds for a lawsuit or grounds to institute legal proceedings. Not all situations involving being fired from a job can be a subject of a successful legal action.  Therefore, a Wrongful Termination lawyer should be consulted to see if you have a good case.

Some examples of wrongful termination may involve your employer breaking an employment agreement, or violating unlawful discrimination laws or firing you because you made a workers compensation claim or brought a lawsuit, or made a complaint against the employer for violating your legal rights. 

Employment lawyer's fees may be charged at an hourly rate or as a percentage of the money that you may receive from the legal action. You and your lawyer should sign a written Retainer agreement which sets forth the duties of the lawyer as well as the legal fees.

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